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We are a team with a lot of energy, ideas and expertise that can benefit you as an author.We handle everything for you, from editing the book to publishing online.We edit books digitally and publish them on the top sellers online ebook platforms such as Amazon Book Store, Apple iBook Store, Google Play Books and more.

We feature your book on the top seller ebook platforms and give you marketing help so you get a maximum exposure on the web.We have already signed with authors from different nationalities such as France, UK, India and USA.

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"The ebook would actually make history when 2018 arrives, as that would mark the first time that ebooks will overtake the paperback and hardback as the preferred reading format of choice when it comes to novels in Britain this coming 2018."

− The Guardian

"For a writer it's a genuinely interesting and hopefully profitable era that makes a variety of books available to a variety of readers, extending both what's available and who gets to read it."

− Sara Sheridan

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