Our first book in a different language than English or French has been published and it’s in Thai!

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Once a book is successful, we decide to target other markets and sometime other languages.

After publishing books in English and French, it is a good time to try publishing for Thai readers!

We have just published the Thai version of Harold Mollin’s ebook 101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach. You can find the Thai version of this ebook here: 101เคล็ดการเล่นเทนนิสจากโค้ชเทนนิสระดับโลก

The good news is that it is fully translated and proof read. You will notice on Harold Mollin author page in Thai that there is only 2 ways of buying the ebook: 1. through our direct online shop or 2. through Google Play Books. The reason is that Apple iBook Store does not feature paid books yet in Thailand and Amazon Book Store does not accept books in Thai language.

We hope you will like reading this Tennis advice book in Thai.

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