The Story Of A Happy Author (Royalties Inside)

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Yesterday, MyPublishingCompany team met the ultimate Tennis Guru: Harold Mollin.

Harold published already 2 books of fantastic tips and advices. He has readers from all other the world but more specifically USA, Greece, France, Italy, UK and Thailand.

He won several tournaments, has instructed many Davis cup players who take his advice. Moreover he trained ITF junior and veteran champions that come to bangkok specially and these are the tips they follow.

We gave him a check matching his generous royalties and we took the photo above where Mr Mollin features his latest book translated in Thai language.

Discover his books using the links below!

English: 101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach To Tennis

Thai: 101เคล็ดการเล่นเทนนิสจากโค้ชเทนนิสระดับโลก

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