Even More Tennis Tips Published By Our Tennis Guru!

Harold Mollin, our Tennis Guru author did it again!

We just published the VOLUME 2 of “101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach To Tennis”

You will discover in this book EVEN MORE great tips about tennis…

  • Technique/stroke production
  • Tennis drills
  • Stroke production
  • The mental side of the game
  • Court strategies
  • Singles play
  • Doubles play
  • Exercise/fitness drills and footwork drills.

Let’s share with you some reviews about “101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach To Tennis” VOLUME 1.

These are real reviews from real readers and we are pretty proud of it.

Simple And Straightforward

“There’s no substitute for experience, as they say, and Harold has both quality and quantity. As in all sport executed at the top level it looks so, so simple and straightforward. Those that have tried, at every level, know otherwise. Everyone can benefit from a cursory glance, lesson or full blown training regimen. I can think of no-one with a greater depth of knowledge or skill in identifying those key details that will improve your game than Harold Mollin!” – James Y.

Definitely Crazy In A Good Way

“As a psychologist, I know there are crazy people in a good way and crazy people in a bad way. From my life experience, I also know there are good pains in the ass and bad pains. Harold Mollin is definitely crazy in the good way – never met someone so crazy about tennis. […] Most importantly, from an educational viewpoint, Harold sincerely enjoys the progress all his students are making in their tennis. Life, not only tennis, is all about beating/winning from yourself. Harold is certainly making a significant contribution to my ambition of becoming a worldwide top 100 player in the ITF Seniors (50+) circuit!”  – Vittorio B. Psychologist, PhD

His Tennis Passion Is Contagious

“Harold Mollin’s passion for tennis is contagious, not to mention is he one of the best in the world on the seniors tour (for numerous age groups), but his knowledge and deep understanding for the game can inspire all ages and aspiring tennis players of all levels” – Peter Lucas (former ranked Australian junior)

Harold’s Tennis Tips Are Key Pointers

“In between tennis lessons, Harold’s tips are key pointers that help me strengthen my game” – Camille P.

Because of this man, I even have become more fanatic about tennis

“Was introduced to the beautiful game of tennis by my parents whom i forever remain grateful for but the appreciation even became bigger when 4 years ago i became acquainted with Mr Harold Mollin. Not only does this man eat, speak and dream tennis, he has played and lived it and his match analysis and player profiles are spot on. Because of this man, I even have become more fanatic about tennis even more and its all thanks to him, my love for the sport has risen to greater heights. Since I left Bangkok last year after 7 great years, I still watch the game and love it with passion but its not the same with my man Harold by my side giving me the blow by blow bits of every game and play. He is a man who would be of great help to any individual with hopes of making it big on the tennis circuit.” – Farai Ngoni B.

It’s an awesome book…
“It’s an awesome book… bought it for my kindle on amazon … great tips and awesome drills. I really like your drills… My student and I do the serve and volley drill she calls it the serve and volley game first to 10 lose at point if you double fault or miss the 1st volley … we also do the 8 deep volley or overheads without allowing any ball to bounce and the volley game half court only start the rally and play it out lose a point if the ball gets over your head … your drill are on point in reinforcing skills and tactical lessons…” – Clay R.

Thanks Harold Mollin ! You are the MAN !
I used to have a weak serve because hitting the ball at below the highest point robbed me of a full swing. This simple but effective point about hitting at the highest point helped me hit stronger serves and slice as well. Thanks Harold Mollin ! You are the MAN !” – Steve Teoh
Get the best out of our students…

“Although I’ve been coaching for many years, and we all have our own methods to get the best out of our students, I will always look and listen to what my peers are doing. Quite often I will invite a coach to my sessions to look at my students with fresh eyes, i never feel threatened or worried about losing a student, in fact more often than not it makes them feel even more important, and are grateful, I have used many of your quotes thank you Harold, I am planning to visit Bangkok in the future.” – Roger Nadal Tennis

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