Even More Tennis Tips Published By Our Tennis Guru!

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Harold Mollin, our Tennis Guru author did it again!

We just published the VOLUME 2 of “101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach To Tennis”

You will discover in this book EVEN MORE great tips about tennis…

  • Technique/stroke production
  • Tennis drills
  • Stroke production
  • The mental side of the game
  • Court strategies
  • Singles play
  • Doubles play
  • Exercise/fitness drills and footwork drills.

Let’s share with you some reviews about “101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach To Tennis” VOLUME 1.

These are real reviews from real readers and we are pretty proud of it.

Simple And Straightforward

“There’s no substitute for experience, as they say, and Harold has both quality and quantity. As in all sport executed at the top level it looks so, so simple and straightforward. Those that have tried, at every level, know otherwise. Everyone can benefit from a cursory glance, lesson or full blown training regimen. I can think of no-one with a greater depth of knowledge or skill in identifying those key details that will improve your game than Harold Mollin!” – James Y.

Definitely Crazy In A Good Way

“As a psychologist, I know there are crazy people in a good way and crazy people in a bad way. From my life experience, I also know there are good pains in the ass and bad pains. Harold Mollin is definitely crazy in the good way – never met someone so crazy about tennis. […] Most importantly, from an educational viewpoint, Harold sincerely enjoys the progress all his students are making in their tennis. Life, not only tennis, is all about beating/winning from yourself. Harold is certainly making a significant contribution to my ambition of becoming a worldwide top 100 player in the ITF Seniors (50+) circuit!”  – Vittorio B. Psychologist, PhD

His Tennis Passion Is Contagious

“Harold Mollin’s passion for tennis is contagious, not to mention is he one of the best in the world on the seniors tour (for numerous age groups), but his knowledge and deep understanding for the game can inspire all ages and aspiring tennis players of all levels” – Peter Lucas (former ranked Australian junior)

Harold’s Tennis Tips Are Key Pointers

“In between tennis lessons, Harold’s tips are key pointers that help me strengthen my game” – Camille P.

Because of this man, I even have become more fanatic about tennis

“Was introduced to the beautiful game of tennis by my parents whom i forever remain grateful for but the appreciation even became bigger when 4 years ago i became acquainted with Mr Harold Mollin. Not only does this man eat, speak and dream tennis, he has played and lived it and his match analysis and player profiles are spot on. Because of this man, I even have become more fanatic about tennis even more and its all thanks to him, my love for the sport has risen to greater heights. Since I left Bangkok last year after 7 great years, I still watch the game and love it with passion but its not the same with my man Harold by my side giving me the blow by blow bits of every game and play. He is a man who would be of great help to any individual with hopes of making it big on the tennis circuit.” – Farai Ngoni B.

It’s an awesome book…
“It’s an awesome book… bought it for my kindle on amazon … great tips and awesome drills. I really like your drills… My student and I do the serve and volley drill she calls it the serve and volley game first to 10 lose at point if you double fault or miss the 1st volley … we also do the 8 deep volley or overheads without allowing any ball to bounce and the volley game half court only start the rally and play it out lose a point if the ball gets over your head … your drill are on point in reinforcing skills and tactical lessons…” – Clay R.

Thanks Harold Mollin ! You are the MAN !
I used to have a weak serve because hitting the ball at below the highest point robbed me of a full swing. This simple but effective point about hitting at the highest point helped me hit stronger serves and slice as well. Thanks Harold Mollin ! You are the MAN !” – Steve Teoh
Get the best out of our students…

“Although I’ve been coaching for many years, and we all have our own methods to get the best out of our students, I will always look and listen to what my peers are doing. Quite often I will invite a coach to my sessions to look at my students with fresh eyes, i never feel threatened or worried about losing a student, in fact more often than not it makes them feel even more important, and are grateful, I have used many of your quotes thank you Harold, I am planning to visit Bangkok in the future.” – Roger Nadal Tennis

Want to buy this book? Just go to the Harold Mollin’s author page

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Nook Partnership

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Just a quick note to tell you that all books published with MyPublishingCompany are now available on your Nook device!

We just signed a partnership with Nook to distribute our ebooks though Barnes & Noble market place.

Do you want to see all books available? Check it out!

This is the 5th market place that we target to sell your ebooks.

  1. Google Play books
  2. Amazon Book Store
  3. Apple Book Store
  4. Kobo
  5. Nook



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And the second sale on Kobo is…

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The second book sold on Kobo by MyPublishingCompany is “Le mystère autour de Krishnamurti” by Dominique Schmidt.

Il fut découvert au bord de l’Océan Indien par les théosophes qui, étonnés de la pureté de son aura, prédirent qu’il deviendrait un jour ‘l’Instructeur du Monde’…

jiddu krishnamurti

jiddu krishnamurti

You can find it in the following Kobo categories:

Nonfiction > Religion & Spirituality > Inspiration & Meditation > Spirituality
Nonfiction > Religion & Spirituality > Inspiration & Meditation > Meditations
Nonfiction > Religion & Spirituality > Eastern Religions > Hinduism eBooks

Let’s publish even more! (and celebrate MyPublishingCompany + Kobo partnership)

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We are very pleased to annonce you that we have just signed a partnership with Kobo.

MyPublishingCompany now publishes on the following book marketplaces:

  • Apple iBook Store
  • Amazon Book Store
  • Google Play Books (and Google Play)
  • and now… Kobo!

About Kobo

Founded in December 2009, Toronto-based Kobo has quickly become a global leader in eReading, offering a world-class platform for the most passionate Readers. Our mission is to lead the global transformation in reading by inspiring people to read more and more often – anytime, anyplace, anywhere around the world. Kobo delivers the best digital reading experience to millions of users in 190 countries, offering one of the world’s largest catalogues with millions of titles, world-class eReading devices, and top-ranking apps. Kobo is owned by Tokyo-based eCommerce company Rakuten.

Kobo has a dedicated ebook reader: The Kobo eReader (from Wikipedia: The Kobo eReader is an e-reader produced by Toronto-based Kobo Inc. The company’s name is an anagram of “book”. The original version was released in May 2010 and was marketed as a minimalist alternative to the more expensive e-book readers available at the time. As of March 2010, Indigo Books & Music owned 58% of Kobo Inc.;[1] the Japanese conglomerate Rakuten bought control of Kobo in January 2012.[2] Like most e-book readers, the Kobo uses an electronic ink screen.[1] The LCD tablet versions have been released between 2011 to 2013.)

Content is King

Kobo offers one of the world’s largest eBookstores with nearly 4 million titles across 68 languages. From bestsellers to self-published works, magazines to colorful kids’ books, there’s something to suit any taste.

About our books

All the existing books edited by MyPublishingCompany will be published on the Kobo platform in the coming month.

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P.S. You can see below a preview of the next book to be published on Kobo 😉


P.P.S. 101 Social Media Notes & Answers – For Businesses & Entrepreneurs has been published on Kobo!

Apple says iBooks adding 1M new users a week

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As you may already know, MyPublishingCompany offers the opportunity for writers to publish their book to the 3 major ebook selling platforms.

  • Amazon Book Store
  • Apple iBook Store
  • Google Play Books

We are amazed by the numbers released by Apple today… “Apple’s Director of iBooks Store Keith Moerer appeared at the Digital Book World Conference today to talk iBooks, and during the interview offered some updates on stats and insights into how Apple’s book business is going. Of note, Moerer said Apple has added about 1 million new iBooks users a week, which he said is in part thanks to Apple’s decision to preinstall iBooks on devices with its iOS 8 release in September.”

1 million new iBooks users a week.. this represents a lot of new readers!

Apple says iBooks adding 1M new users a week since being preinstalled on iOS 8

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101 Social Media Notes & Answers For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

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101 Social Media Notes & Answers - For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

This ebook was written by 2 passionate Entrepreneurs and Social Media strategists. We wrote these 100 Social Media tips to help you succeed in your Social Media Adventure.

You will discover in this book some little secrets that can make a difference for your Social Media campaign strategy.

If you want to know more about Social Media or you plan to start building your own Social Media properties with Facebook Business pages and Twitter, these tips are made for you.

You want to read this social media bible?


What You Will Learn In This Ebook

You will discover in this book some little secrets that can make a difference for your Social Media campaign strategy.

If you are looking for answers to some of the social media challenges and questions or interested in doing social media marketing yourself or looking to see more social media tips, social media campaign advice, this ebook is for you!

Be #social, be #human, read this #ebook, use #socialmedia and take #action.

Your #success is on its way!

Why Social Media?

Because we both have more than 10 years experience in this field.

Reader’s Testimonial

“Excellent book, well written with clear explanation. I loved the fact that there is actually more tips than 101 (bonus from the authors?). I appreciated also the check-list at the end of the book. Great job, really!”

Review from iBook Store Reader

About The Authors

This book is co-written by Emmanuel Fauvel and Sunita Biddu.

Emmanuel Fauvel

Emmanuel Fauvel is an Internet business professional and consultant with more than 17 years of experience in developing Internet business concepts into powerful online business models.

About technology and business… Emmanuel has spent the majority of his professional life applying his diverse skill set and broad information technology expertise to launching and developing several high-impact web properties. He is currently living in Thailand.

Emmanuel is at La French Tech Thailand steering committee and is mentor at the Franco-Thai Chamber of commerce for eMarketing

He is the co-founder of the following web properties:

  • MoveAndStay.com (founded in 2000)
  • ThaiCityDeals.com (founded in 2010, acquired by Konvy.com in 2014)
  • KitWallet.com (founded in 2014)

Sunita Biddu

Sunita Biddu is an Internet Marketing strategist & social media consultant with an experience of over 9 years. She is also a coach who loves to help people to create a personal brand and authority online using social media and blogging. She is known for making things simple so that you feel welcomed irrespective of what you know about the web.
Sunita is an advisor, mentor and value partner at several business, startups and women entrepreneur communities. You can find her blogging at www.SunitaBiddu.com

She is the founder of two companies, SERPholiC Media Pvt. Ltd. & SEO Peace (since 2007), which helps businesses with creative web design and Internet marketing services. Her team under Sunita?s leadership, expertise and proven strategies has helped over 1500 businesses with improved revenues and reputation online.

When her laptop and gadgets are away from her, Sunita loves to dance on salsa beats or cooking something up in her little kitchen for her family and friends, or can be found capturing moments with her amateur photography hobby.

Best Method To Add Epub And Mobi Files To Your Desktop Computer And Mobile Devices

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Following our recent post featuring the Best Ebook Readers For Desktop Computers And Mobiles Devices, we wanted to help even more our readers and invite them to use the best method to add epub and mobi files to your desktop computer and mobile devices.

A. Read books on your iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch

  • Download the epub file to your hard drive.
  • Open itunes.
  • Drag the epub file into your itunes library.
  • Drag the book from your library file into your device.

B. Read books on your Android device

Download the Google Play Books app for Android and read books you’ve bought

1. Upload PDF & EPUB files

To upload files on your Android device:

  • Open the Google Play Books app.
  • Touch the Menu Burger nav > Settings > Enable PDF uploading.
  • Exit the app.
  • Download a PDF or EPUB file on your device and touch Upload to Play Books.
  • You can see all files you uploaded at My Library > Uploads.

2. To read the books you’ve bought on Google Play:

  • Open the Google Play Books app
  • Touch Menu Burger nav > My Library.
  • Touch the cover of the book you want to read.

You may want to get more detailed information on this page: Upload & read documents (PDF, EPUB)

C. Read books on your Kindle device

We suggest you read this very detailed article from Amazon: Transferring, Downloading, and Sending Files to Kindle 2nd Generation

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Do You Want To Know Our Secret?

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We published today LE LIVRE DES SECRETS – Tome 1 – On n’échappe pas à son destin by Sergeï Barosky.

This book is written in French and tells the story of a man. His professional life (big failures and huge success), His personal life (how he became gay after being married with 2 kids) and more!

Discover the SECRETS told in this ebook by this great author.

MyPublishingCompany has released the book in different versions to suit your needs: direct buying (more royalties for the author), Amazon Book Store, Apple iBook Store and Google Play Books.

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The Story Of A Happy Author (Royalties Inside)

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Yesterday, MyPublishingCompany team met the ultimate Tennis Guru: Harold Mollin.

Harold published already 2 books of fantastic tips and advices. He has readers from all other the world but more specifically USA, Greece, France, Italy, UK and Thailand.

He won several tournaments, has instructed many Davis cup players who take his advice. Moreover he trained ITF junior and veteran champions that come to bangkok specially and these are the tips they follow.

We gave him a check matching his generous royalties and we took the photo above where Mr Mollin features his latest book translated in Thai language.

Discover his books using the links below!

English: 101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach To Tennis

Thai: 101เคล็ดการเล่นเทนนิสจากโค้ชเทนนิสระดับโลก

If you want to get generous royalties as a author, contact us.

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Our first book in a different language than English or French has been published and it’s in Thai!

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Once a book is successful, we decide to target other markets and sometime other languages.

After publishing books in English and French, it is a good time to try publishing for Thai readers!

We have just published the Thai version of Harold Mollin’s ebook 101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach. You can find the Thai version of this ebook here: 101เคล็ดการเล่นเทนนิสจากโค้ชเทนนิสระดับโลก

The good news is that it is fully translated and proof read. You will notice on Harold Mollin author page in Thai that there is only 2 ways of buying the ebook: 1. through our direct online shop or 2. through Google Play Books. The reason is that Apple iBook Store does not feature paid books yet in Thailand and Amazon Book Store does not accept books in Thai language.

We hope you will like reading this Tennis advice book in Thai.

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Best Ebook Readers For Desktop Computers And Mobiles Devices

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As we are now selling directly to readers through our new payment system, a lot of customers asked us about the best way to read ebooks on their computers or smartphones.

MyPublishingCompany is delivering the ebooks by email in 2 different formats:

1. epub Format: for PC + Mac + iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most devices
2. mobi Format: for PC + Mac + Kindle devices

These 2 formats are compatible with at least 95% of existing devices.

You will find below some apps recommended by MyPublishingCompany team.


If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  1. iBooks
  2. Kindle
  3. Marvin
  4. Bluefire Reader
  5. Stanza

If you have an Android device

  1. eBook Reader
  2. Kindle
  3. Aldiko
  4. Moon+
  5. FBReader
You can find many more apps on the web that allow you to read ebooks on your different devices.

Of course we can deliver the books in other format (ePub, .Mobi, fb2, pdb, PDF, RTF, HTML, CBR, CHM and .txt files) kindly ask us!

If you have a question or you would like to recommend some ebook readers apps, kindly let us know.

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People read more… on their iPhone 6 than on their iPad

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This news is a bit surprising but the graph below shows the breakdown between reading on iPads and iPhones. The larger the phone screen, the less time an iPad is used for the same activity.

Also “Users with an iPhone 6 now read on their tablets 19% less during the week and 27% less over the weekend. Those with a 6 Plus are on their tablets 31% less during the week and 36% less over the weekend.”

Source: iPhone 6, 6 Plus owners using iPads less, Pocket’s data suggests


Social Media Book Is Getting Proofread!

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Another big step!

We promised it to you long time ago but the book “#SUCCESS 101 Social Media Tips For Startups And Ecommerce Websites” should be available within few days now.

The new social media book by Sunita Biddu and Emmanuel Fauvel is currently getting proofread.

  • The content is great
  • The cover is eye catching
  • The authors are proud

MyPublishingCompany will inform you as soon as you can buy the ebook online.

If you want to proofread yourself, we found an interesting article: 21 Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers.

And of course, if you want to publish your book, contact us 🙂

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Italy and Spain for Kindle Unlimited

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Following up on the new “Spotify like” service for readers by Amazon…

We just received an email from Amazon team informing us that “Kindle Unlimited has launched on Amazon.es and Amazon.it.

Kindle Unlimited has a library of over 700,000 titles. Any title you have enrolled in KDP Select will be available for customers to read”

In short, all books published by MyPublishingCompany will be available in Amazon Book Store / Kindle Unlimited Spain and Italy 🙂

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Direct Payment Link

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Oh boy we just enabled direct buying links on our website.

It means that when you buy books directly from MyPublishingCompany.com, the author earns more royalties compared to selling on usual platforms such as Amazon Book Store, Google Play Books or Apple iBook Store.

It is time for action!

As a reader, you can download now our 2 latest publications: GOLF MATTERS – BEST GOLF QUOTES and 101 TENNIS TIPS

As an author, publish with MyPublishingCompany and earn even more!


Amazon Book Store is getting even better with pre-order for books

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We just received an email from Amazon informing us that now we “can create a pre-order page up to 90 days in advance of your book’s release date”

“When you make your book available for pre-order, customers can order the book anytime leading up to the release date you set. We will deliver it to them on that date.”

MyPublishingCompany will make sure our authors can make their books to be pre-ordered


All Books are featured on Apple Book store

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Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.54.51 PM

Great victory!

All the books published by MyPublishingCompany are now present on 51 Apple Book Store worldwide.

It means that, as a author, you can potentially reach millions of readers worldwide*.

Discover our most recent titles:






You are an author and you want to publish your book? contact us

Stay tuned for more exciting news and….


* In June of 2011 Apple announced that 130 million ebooks were sold through iTunes. In October of 2012 it announced that 400 million sold.

Now Publishing on iBook Store!

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101 TENNIS TIPS BOOKAfter months of discussion with Apple and an email sent to Tim Cook, MyPublishingCompany is finally moving one step further.

We are very proud to annonce that our first book has been published on the iTunes store.

Here is the link:

101 Tennis Tips From A World Class Coach – A Common Sense Approach to Tennis

You can also have a look at Harold Mollin’s author page

Stay tuned and…


Thanks Tim!

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Tim Cook AppleSummer is here but we are working really hard for you, authors, and sometime we have problems and frustration regarding the publishing on major ebook selling platforms.

We did not know what to do and it appear that sending an email to Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) helped MyPublishingCompany big time as we got excellent support from Apple staff after that.

3 persons contacted us, telephone calls and for the best

As a result, you will find our author books in  Apple iBook Store very soon!

Thanks again Tim!

Apple buys BookLamp and the Book Genome Project

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It is pretty amazing what the small team at BookLamp managed to achieve… a sort of Pandora for books.

The example below is stunning…


“Here’s a look at how the BookLamp technology works — as represented by a graphic created by Digital Book World for a visualization article on the works of Stephen King. In this example above, its scan of King’s “Salem’s Lot” found the prevalence of ‘vampires & the supernatural’, ‘funerals / death/ memorials’, ‘homes & domestic environments’, and ‘pain & fear / negative emotions’.”

One feature that was missing for Apple is “You like this book? we recommend you this other book”.

Stay tuned!


Apple Secretly Acquired “Pandora For Books” Startup BookLamp To Battle Amazon

Are you scared of Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

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We received lot of news and a special email from Amazon saying that they will soon be released their new service called “Kindle Unlimited”.

amaon kindle unlimited

Should we be scared of Amazon unlimited?

The answer is absolutely no

On the contrary, authors published with MyPublishingCompany will benefit from it as they will be added to the Amazon special catalogue and funds.

“All books enrolled in KDP Select with U.S. rights will be automatically included in Kindle Unlimited.”

People are now reading on their devices (smartphones, iPads, etc) and they are eager to read everywhere, anytime.

Look at the music sales trend… the book sales trend will follow, it is inevitable.


Music Sales Trend

Image credit: Techcrunch

We are following the news and the trends for you and ultimately give the best royalties to you as authors.

Kindle Paperwhite Tips

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Interesting article if you have a Kindle Paperwhite.
You will find in this article:

  • Getting Started Tips and Resources
  • Kindle Paperwhite Settings
  • Kindle Tips
  • Extras

Here is a sample:

1. Kindle Paperwhite Help and Support – Here’s the link to the full Kindle Paperwhite help section at Amazon with all the getting started guides and troubleshooting articles. You can also contact customer service from there.

2. User Guide – Here’s the Kindle Documentation page at Amazon with all the Kindle user guides and quick start guides downloadable as PDF files.

3. Unsubscribe from Special Offers (Advertisements) – You can remove the ads on your Kindle Paperwhite by visiting the Manage Your Devices page at Amazon and editing the Special Offers field. It costs $20 plus tax to remove them.


Kindle Paperwhite Tips and Shortcuts Guide

Amazon is secretely building a Netflix for eBooks

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“Amazon appears to be preparing a new subscription service that allows subscribers to download as many Kindle e-books and audio books as they like. […] They state that the Kindle Unlimited service costs $9.99 (£5.80) a month and includes Kindle exclusives as well as titles from mainstream publishers.

That makes it roughly the same price as Netflix’s popular TV and movie streaming service.”

Are you ready for the next book revolution? If you are an author register now with MyPublishingCompany.

Amazon leaks Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription plan

Books published on Amazon and Google Play books

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We are proud to announce you that all books already published have been edited and converted to different ebook formats.

You now have the choice between 2 formats: .MOBI and .EPUB and 2 different ebook selling platforms.

Just have a look at our PUBLICATION PAGE and buy the ebook in your favorite ebook readers format.

Publication on Apple iBook Store is coming soon, stay tuned 🙂