by Frederic Etienbled

About the Book

Negotiation is a word that first appeared in France around the 15th century. It comes from the Latin verb negotiari, which means to do carry a business, public or private, or act as a banker.

Until recently, negotiation often carried the meaning of conflict, or battle.

Nowadays, the complexity and inter-connectivity of both the business and personal world is clearly showing that it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve one’s objectives alone.

In this context, the meaning and the objectives of negotiation is shifting from a conflictual approach to a collaborative approach.

In this book, you will learn how to develop you’re the skills and your confidence to::

  • Use Negotiations as a Platform to Win with Business Partner, gain Market Shares and Supporters
  • Develop an understanding of the differences between Selling and Negotiating
  • Implement a systematic and professional Negotiation Process
  • Improve the preparation of the Negotiations
  • Identify and implement Negotiation Tools for local success and regional synergy

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Frederic Etienbled’s Biography

Frederic Etienbled

Frederic Etienbled is the founder and CEO of HPT Consulting, a Bangkok based Retail Consulting Firm, and HPT Ariane, a Retail Collaboration Platform.

Frederic Etienbled was born in Paris in 1966, and has been living in Asia since 1996. For almost 10 years, prior to setting up HPT Consulting, Frederic was working for Carrefour. He was part of the pioneer teams who opened Korea and Japan, before re-locating to Thailand.

During his Carrefour days, like many managers in international retail groups, Frederic hold several positions in Store Operations, Supply Chain and Merchandising. But maybe most importantly Frederic was part of the team who setup the Carrefour Korea Training Centre – where he discovered his passion for Training – and later a member of several Regional Projects related to Capabilities Development.

Since 2005, Frederic has been training literally hundreds of Managers in Negotiation Skill, across 3 continents and 24 countries, always with the same passion.

As in the end, Negotiations are value conversations, in professional as in private life, articulated on 3 principles:

  • Be clear about the Objectives
  • Listen to understand
  • Build joined options

Words From The Author

“Over the last 12 years, I had the chance to facilitate over 100 Negotiation Workshops across 3 continents, with people from various cultures and professional background.

After each workshop, I still have today the frustration of not having shared all the things I had prepared: the beauty of a workshop is that even though one follows a clear thread, the facilitator has also to go with flow created by the business situation and questions of the Trainee.

The solution I found to reduce this frustration is simple: try to recall all possible details, at each phase of the workshop, and put it into writing.

In this perspective, this book gathers approaches and methodologies that I have been acquiring from sources that vary from other books, personal experiences and learning, as well as well-established theories.”

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